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North Carolina Real Estate Post-License Courses

This package includes three courses that meet the 90-hour post-licensing requirements for provisional brokers in North Carolina, necessary to remove the provisional status from your license.

Obtain your 90-hour education online.

Easily comply with your real estate license in North Carolina.

Same-day electronic reporting to the North Carolina Real Estate Commision.



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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This package includes: 

  • 90-Hour Post-Licensing Credits

  • Three 30-Hour Online Courses 

  • 24/7 Instructor Support

  • Online Videos

North Carolina Real Estate Post-License Requirements

number one

Complete Your Post-License Education

Provisional Brokers are required to complete all three post-licensing courses within 18 months from the date of their first license issuance to maintain their real estate license active in North Carolina.

number two

Pass Your Final Exams

To successfully complete the post-licensing courses, participants must achieve a minimum score of 75% or higher on all three final exams.

number three

Report Your Credit Hours

Your real estate school will electronically report your completion of each post-licensing course to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Each course consists of 30 hours, culminating in a total of 90 hours.

NC Real Estate 90-Hour Post-Licensing Topics

Courses Overview

301 - NC Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (30 Hours)

  • Agency relationships in residential and commercial sales

  • Commercial property management transactions

  • A broker’s legal duties to clients and customers

  • Responsibilities when working with sellers and buyers

  • License status and education issues

  • Issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm

302 - NC Contracts and Closing (30 Hours)

  • Contract law concepts

  • Sales contract preparation and procedures

  • Buyer’s due diligence

  • Closing procedures

  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

  • Closing disclosure preparation

  • Contracts for deed, options

  • Selected real estate license status and education issues

303 - NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts (30 Hours)

  • North Carolina licensing requirements

  • Brokerage compensation issues

  • The disciplinary process

  • Specialized real estate types

  • Property management

  • North Carolina laws and legal concepts


Is there a specific sequence in which I need to complete the postlicensing courses?

Postlicensing courses do not have to be completed in a specific order. Nonetheless, the Commission advises taking them according to their numerical sequence (301, 302, & 303) since the course content was designed with this progression in mind.

Is it possible to earn Continuing Education (CE) credit through postlicensing courses?

Postlicensing courses do not count towards Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Do postlicensing courses include exams?

Yes, to successfully complete the courses, you must pass the final examinations for each course. It is necessary to arrange an appointment with an online proctor beforehand.

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