How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

Learn how to get a real estate sales associate license in 4 easy steps. The career of your dream is more attainable than ever with FastPass Learning.

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To obtain a real estate license and become a real estate agent in Florida, you are required to complete a 63-hour pre-licensing course. 

This course will teach you everything you need to know about real estate, and it will prepare you to pass the Florida real estate licensing exam. FastPass Learning offers a great pre-licensing online course that is perfect for individuals who have a busy schedule or need the flexibility that an online course can provide them.

Cost: $189, all-inclusive tuition with FastPass Learning


Step 1

Complete your Background Check

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that all applicants complete a background check and have their fingerprints taken. This process was made very simple by the FREC so you can schedule your appointment online to get your fingerprints taken by clicking here.

Cost: $53.50, may vary depending on your location, payable directly to Pearson VUE

Step 2

Submit your Application

Once you’ve successfully completed the 63-hour pre-licensing course and obtained your background check, you will need to apply for your real estate license by filling out a Sales Associate Initial Application. Applying for your license is very easy and can be done entirely online on the Florida DBPR website here.  Once you’ve filed the application and paid the fee, it may take up to 10 days to get your application approval. Then, you will be able to schedule your real estate exam. 

Cost: $83.75, payable directly to Florida DBPR

Step 3

Schedule and Pass the Florida State Licensing Exam

Scheduling your licensing exam is simple and can be done online on Pearson VUE’s website, the official exam provider. The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate licensing exam has 100 multiple-choice questions. You will have 3 hours and 30 minutes to answer all the questions and you will need to obtain a minimum score of 75% to pass the exam.

The FL real estate pre-license course will prepare you for the exam, but additional preparation is always recommended. FastPass Learning offers a great exam prep course that has hundreds of practice questions that will prepare you to pass the exam on your first try.

Cost: $36.75, payable directly to Pearson VUE when scheduling the exam

Step 4

Florida Real Estate License Cost Summary

There are many reasons why pursuing a career in real estate can be the right decision for you. Here are three reasons why you should start your real estate career today!

Achieve success without a college degree

You don’t need to have a college degree to make a good living, and being a real estate agent can allow you to do just that. Successful real estate agents often achieve a very high level of financial success. Your education does not have to define the level of success you can achieve. 

Become your own boss

As a real estate agent, you will become your own boss and be able to make your own schedule. You will get to decide when you work and how much you work. Your success in the real estate industry is entirely up to you, and you’ll also get to reap all the benefits.

Expand your network like never before

Real estate agents often meet with clients, colleagues and other business professionals during their daily activities. This work environment gives you a lot of exposure to a lot of different people which can considerably expand your professional and personal network. 

Most frequent questions and answers

4 Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent in FL

Licensing Requirements

Be at least 18 years of age

Hold a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)

Have a United States Social Security number

Course Tuition


Background Check/Fingerprints

$53.50 (may vary)

State Licensing Application


FL State Licensing Exam