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Florida Community Association Manager Online Course

This state-approved Community Association Manager online course satisfies the 16-hour pre-licensing course requirement to become a Community Association Manager in Florida.

Meet your CAM Educators

Kiara Stevenson, CAM Expert

Meet Kiara, your support contact. Kiara joined the FastPass Learning team 3 years ago. She is a Community Association Manager veteran with 15+ years of experience in the field. Her goal is to help thousands of students pass the state licensure exam every year. She will support you throughout your real estate education journey.

Marc Pare, Education Director and Instructor

Marc has been working in the real estate and online education industry for over 20 years. Six years ago, he launched one of the first online CAM course in the state Florida which turned out to be Marc’s true calling. Marc is passionate about online education and his goal is to help that all his students to pass their exam on the first try.

Step 2

Submit your Application

Submitting your CAM Licensing Application is a very easy process in Florida. You can file it on the DBPR website.

Step 3

Complete your Background Check

The State of Florida and the DBPR office requires every applicant to complete a background check.

Step 4

Schedule and Pass the Exam

Scheduling the Florida CAM licensing exam can be done online on the official exam provider website. 

Step 1

Enroll with FastPass Learning

The State of Florida requires that you take a 16-hour state-approved course to apply for the CAM exam.


How to Get your CAM License in Florida

Our Certifications - Florida DBPR License No. PRE67

Advantages of Becoming a Community Association Manager

Becoming a Community Association Manager is a great career path. The CAM licensing education with FastPass Learning makes it easier than ever to start the career of your dreams. Check out the perks below!


Did you know that the average Community Association Manager salary is $71,000? That sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it could be attainable for you with our CAM course.


Our Florida CAM license course is designed to make it easy to learn all about community association management. This course will also prepare you to pass the exam.


Every day is different for a Community Association Manager. When you are not managing the staff, you will be dealing with vendors and supervising ongoing projects.

Are you ready to become a successful Community Association Manager?


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